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Meeting of the ABL Project Consortium

ADRIATIC - BALTIC LANDBRIDGE: a project financed from Community Initiative INTERREG III B CADSES; includes 23 countries from Central Europe. Duration of the project is a year and a half (July 2006 - February 2007). Available budget: 2.5 MEUR.

The meeting of the Adriatic-Baltic Landbridge Consortium was held in Szczecin on 3-5 December. The host of the meeting was the CETC [Central European Transport Corridor] Secretariat operating at the Marshal’s Office of the Zachodniopomorskie Region.

Mr. Norbert Obrycki, the Marshal of the Zachodniopomorskie Region, personally promoted the event due to the importance of project ideas.

The project focuses on studying three transport corridors: Italy/Slovenia - Rostock, Szczecin/Swinoujscie and Gdansk/Gdynia. Partners to the project will collect and process data concerning  current cargo flows, existing infrastructure and plans for its development as well as prepare a pilot project.": research on conditions for establishing an intermodal connection Adriatic - Baltic, enabling sifting cargo from roads to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. Additionally, the project will produce scenarios and guidelines for development of transport until 2020.
A strategic objective of the project is to show that multimodal land connections between the northern Adriatic coast and the southern Baltic coast, including ports situated in those regions, are the shortest and the most efficient transport routes for cargo dispatched from Northern Europe, especially Scandinavia.

After the project is completed, its results will be presented to domestic and European decision making institutions and they will serve as planning tools for transport development and regional development. Additionally, partners to the project of the Zachodniopomorskie Region, that is the Marshal’s Office and the Szczecin and Swinoujscie Ports Authority promote the idea of establishing the CETC which might bring about remarkable benefits for the whole region, its companies, and inhabitants. Results of the pilot project are expected to justify applying for funding from the Marco Polo Programme. Moreover, they will enhance the position of our ports when applying for the Motorway of the Sea status and related funds. Finally, in case of launching a new service, for instance an intermodal connection between an Adriatic port and a terminal in Świnoujście, they will constitute a basis for development, enhance the appeal of the offer, and increase cargo flows transported though the ports.