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New operator at Ferry Terminal in Świnoujście

The Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority has signed a cooperation contract with a German ferry operator TT-Line. Under the cooperation with the Ports Authority, the ferry operator plans to launch a new ferry service between ports of Świnoujście, Poland, and Trelleborg, Sweden.

TT-Line will provide services to motorised passengers and trucks, as well as passengers without vehicles. The first call of a ferry at Świnoujście is expected in this year summer season at the latest.
Now, the project partners intend to use time left to prepare for a new operator at the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal, including the establishing of office and embarkation facilities, and ensuring land and sea personnel by recruiting qualified staff.
The entry of a new ferry operator to Świnoujście is a proof of large interest in the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal, chiefly due to the quality of services provided, as well as development plans which include the extension of the terminal with a new post for servicing ferries. Every year, the Świnoujście Ferry Terminal records increase in handling of general cargo and passengers. In 2012, the total handling volumes included 6.4 m tonnes of cargo and over half a million passengers.