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Saga Ruby for the second time in Szczecin

Szczecin has ended the 2008 season of sea-going cruisers with the call of British Mv SAGA RUBY.

On 7th September 2009 at 07:00-17:00hrs, at the Polskie Quay, moored Mv SAGA RUBY, Great Britain. It was the second visit of the vessel in the port. The first time was on 13th August 2007. The ship sailed from Latvian port of Riga, and the next port of call was Kalundborg, Denmark. The cruiser brought 629 passengers on board, of which nearly all were tourists from Great Britain, and international crew of 408 people.

Passengers enjoyed sightseeing of Szczecin, and some of them also went to Berlin. Comparing to last year’s visit, proportions between people sightseeing Szczecin and those going to Berlin changed. What we see is a growing interest in the many attractions and opportunities in Szczecin.

The five cruisers which called to Szczecin in 2008 brought the total of 2043 people and 1300 crew members, which is the total of 3343 people. Last year, when the city welcomed three cruisers, we received 953 passengers and 809 crew members.
Apart from cruisers, Szczecin regularly attracts river passenger vessels. This year the city expected 85 of them. On average there are 20 crew members pr vessel, which makes the total of 1700 people, whereas the number of passengers reaches roughly 75 people, which translates into the total of 6375 people.

The total number of cruisers and river passenger vessels should reach 90, which makes the Szczecin Seaport the leader before ports of the Tricity.