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Tourist season will start in May 2010

Similarly to previous years, in Szczecin tourist season for cruise vessels will start in May 2010. 115 port calls are expected in the port this year. Szczecin for many years has been regular river cruise destination thanks to the favourable inland waterway connection to Western Europe. In 2010 from May to October the river cruise vessels will call 102 times. The vessels visiting Szczecin sail under Swiss, German and French flags.

But this year’s tourist season will bring much more tourist interest of seagoing vessels. 9 seagoing cruisers will call at Szczecin 13 times during the tourist season 2010. M/v Alexander von Humboldt will be the first seagoing cruiser visiting Szczecin this year  (11.05 and 14.08). M/v Athena will call at Szczecin also in May (20.05), and next m/v Braemer (8.06. and 2.10.) – it will be the largest cruiser visiting Szczecin (designed for 800 pax). The attraction during the Sea Days in Szczecin will be two cruisers: m/v Black Watch and m/v Delphin Voyager (both 11.06). M/v Silver Cloud will call at Szczecin also in June (19.06). M/v Spirit of Adventure will call at Szczecin in July and m/v Seabourn Sojourn will visit Szczecin in August and September (6.08, 1.09, 13.09). Also in September, Szczecin will host tourists from m/v Saga Pearl II.

Four of cruisers - m/v Alexander von Humboldt, m/v Silver Cloud, m/v Spirit of Adventure  and m/v Saga Perl II will berth at Chrobry Embankment in the heart of the city. The remaining ships will find their berthing places at Polskie and Angielskie quays.