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The specific attributes of Szczecin and Swinoujscie, especially their excellent geographical location and exceptional characters give possibilities to exploit both ports as the potential cruise destination.

Going from Swinoujscie to Szczecin visitors could find a lot of attractions not only in these two cities but also visiting Miedzyzdroje, Wolin National Park as well as during the attractive passage through the intact nature of Szczecin Lagoon and along the Oder

What needs underscoring is that passengers have possibility of visiting two countries during one cruising trip. Szczecin is the closest port for the top class tourist destination – Berlin - distant just 144 km by motorway. It gives unique opportunity for one-day excursion to Germany.


Historic Hanseatic City - for centuries has been the junction for major European transit routes, from the west to the east and from the north to the south of Europe. Its unique character was preserved with the captivating charm of historical, secessionist architecture and the beauty of its vegetation. Today’s Szczecin, named the green city, as the historical, economic, scientific and cultural capital of Western Pomerania, is a bustling city full of interesting places for lovers of fine food and shopping. Szczecin Summer events with numerous outdoor activities, festivals and street exhibitions. Special sights include the Castle of Pomeranian Dukes, the churches of the Old Town, the Cathedral of St. James and the famous view from the Chrobry Embankment with passenger ships berthed alongside.


Called the Pearl of the Baltic Sea Resorts, is the only town in Poland spread over several dozen islands. It has the tallest lighthouse both on the Polish and European coast as well as one of the tallest in the world. Another Swinoujscie's characteristic sign is the beacon called Windmills at the end of breakwater. One of the top attractions is the nearby German sea resort “Drei Kaiser Bader” with its beautiful classical architecture. Thanks to its unique location, microclimate and mineral and therapeutic mud baths, Swinoujscie has been a renowned health resort for many years. 

Going from Swinoujscie to Szczecin another attraction for visitors is Miedzyzdroje - very popular tourist destination offering the longest pier on the Polish coast. Visitors are recommended to see the famous Turquoise Lake with its specific colour of water as well. The Wolinski National Park with the European bison breeding center as well as observation points on Gosań and Kawcza Gora are frequently visited places.

The whole cruise through the intact nature of Szczecin Lagoon, with the biggest birds’ sanctuary in Europe, located on the big reed area, following the complex of water – muddy islands in delta of the Swina River periodically flooded are also worth-seeing.

Szczecin and Swinoujscie have perfect transport connections. Szczecin is conveniently connected via a motorway with nearby Berlin, where a network of motorways reaching Western Europe is available. Due to the connection with European inland waterway system, Szczecin is also a popular destination for river cruises.
Swinoujscie with the biggest and most modern ferry terminal on Polish coast offers daily ferry links to Sweden. The nearest airport in Goleniów is 45 km from Szczecin and Berlin's Tegel Airport, with Europe-wide connections, is 180 km by highway.

Ports best advantage is possibility of berthing at both ports with only one charge – the tonnage dues. In Swinoujscie cruisers with max draught of 8 m and max length of 270 m can berth at Wladyslawa IV quay – directly adjacent to the city centre - or at alternative berths for vessels up to 13,2 m.

In Szczecin there is a famous quay in the heart of the city – Waly Chrobrego quay, where cruisers with max length of 215 m and max draught of 6,5 m can berth. It is also possible to berth at alternative quays for vessels up to 9,15 m.

River cruisers

Besides offshore cruisers, every year Szczecin is visited by the river cruisers. This year, we are visiting 80 such cruisers, which berth at Waly Chrobrego quay.

Port of Szczecin is situated in the middle of the river cruisers’ route. This route starts in Berlin, through the Oder-Havel Canal. The next "stop" is Szczecin, and then the ships go in the direction of the German part of Szczecin Lagoon and Pomeranian Bay. Cruises usually end the trip in Stralsund.

In terms of cruise ship arrivals Szczecin can benefit a lot from the upgraded Oder - Havel waterway and the opening of a new ship lift in Niederfinow. Completion of works is scheduled for 2020, and it will enable much larger river cruisers to visit Szczecin (length 110 m, width 11 m).

At present, river cruisers visiting Szczecin can accommodate about 80 passengers, while after 2020 cruisers will be able to accommodate up to 150 passengers.