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List of managed facilities (ISPS)

In the areas administered by the Ports Authority have been determined six port facilities. These areas have an adequate IMO identification numbering, confirmation of compliance (Statement of Compliance) and safety systems operating on the basis of developed security assessment (PFSA - Port Facility Security Assessment) and plans (PFSP - Port Facility Security Plan). For the implementation of guidelines and supervision over the functioning of the systems are responsible designated port officers - PFSO - Port Facility Security Officers.

Officer PFSO: Bulk Cargo Szczecin, HUK – SNOP – Piotr Zegan, tel.(office): 091 430 81 00, tel.(mobile): 0 603 956 340, e-mail: p.zegan@port.szczecin.pl

Officer PFSO General Cargo Port  of Szczecin: Monika Andrzejewska, tel.(office): 091 430 810 00, tel.(mobile): 0 695 380 614, e-mail: m.andrzejewska@port.szczecin.pl

Officer PFSO: Commercial Port of Swinoujscie, Nabrzeże Władysława IV - Bogumił Przybylski, tel.(office): 091 372 72 50, tel.(mobile): 0 605 073 281, e-mail: b.przybylski@port.szczecin.pl

Officer PFSO: Ferry Terminal in Swinoujscie - Grzegorz Bajerski, tel.(office): 091 322 61 83, tel.(mobile): 0 691 442 208, e-mail: gbajerski@sft.pl

The requirement to prepare a Declaration of Security (DoS) occurs in the cases referred to in Articles 47 - 49 of the Maritime Security Act of September 4th 2008. In cases where there is a need for additional consultation or arrangements regarding the rights to access the ship or actions taken on the line: ship/port - please contact the relevant PFSO Officers.

Information related to the list of all port facilities in Szczecin and Swinoujscie are published in the regulations issued by the Director of Maritime Office in Szczecin. Port facilities are subject to the ISPS solutions, contact information and information related to alternatives for the security of ships and port facilities, as well as entities and services involved in the response to the threat are placed in the Global Integrated Shipping Information System.