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Another record breaking ship to call at Świnoujście

Another record broken. After its call at the end of August this year, m/v Chiara has not enjoyed the title of the largest vessel ever to call at the port of Świnoujście for a long time.

This weekend, the port of Świnoujście welcomed m/v UBC Onsan. A new record holder of 118,590 DWT, 263 m in length and 42 m in width.
M/v UBC Onsan is larger than m/v Chiara in terms of its dimensions as well as the volume of cargo brought in holds.
M/v UBC Onsan sailed from the port of Norfolk, US, with coking coal. The volume of cargo delivered is in excess of 98 thousand tonnes. Unloading is expected to take four days.
The Port of Świnoujście, due to its location on the coast, enable receiving vessels of up to 270 m  in length and maximum draught of 13.2m, roughly 100 thousand DWT. The terminal for m/v UBC Onsan specializes in handling coal and ore. The operator of the terminal is the Commercial Port of Świnoujście.