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Cronimet terminal opens in Szczecin Seaport

Over a year ago the first shovel was buried in the ground to commence the building of a new terminal in the port of Szczecin. The investment by CRONIMET PL sp. z o.o. aimed at developing a terminal in the Szczecin Seaport to handle ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

After only one year of construction works, the first ship was loaded and set out for its voyage. It marked the opening of a new division of the CRONIMET group, this time in the port of Szczecin. To celebrate the occasion, on 2nd October, an official ceremony was held for the opening of the new terminal. The favorable location and direct access to the sea will enable CRONIMET focusing on the client base in Scandinavia.

‘Szczecin enjoys excellent location. Our aim is to provide the fastest and optimized supply to our clients. Being one of the largest and most conveniently located ports in the Baltic Region, Szczecin provides excellent conditions’, said Jürgen Pilarsky, Chairman of Board for CRONIMET GmbH, on the occasion of opening of the terminal in Szczecin.

Cargo handling in Szczecin includes alloy steel and steel scrap, as well as chromium steel and nickel steel. The CRONIMET quay with a railway siding can service 5,000 t ships.

While providing administration of port infrastructure, the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority implements its statutory tasks by modernizing, building and extending the infrastructure, as well as supporting investors interested in using sea transport and developing their business activity in the port. The Ports Authority aims at creating the best possible conditions for all parties involved in the port trade. The opening of the CRONIMET terminal is an example of such investment implemented by an external party in the ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście. To provide CRONIMET with firm basis for the project, the Seaports Authority invested in port infrastructure, which included dredging and provision of utilities up to the boundary of the plot at the Przemysłowe Quay.

The CRONIMET Group, with its headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the global leader in handling scrap alloy metals, alloy steel and steel mill metals. For over thirty years, the company has been delivering raw materials for alloy steel manufacturers. At the moment, the company employs in excess of 5,400 people in more than 50 divisions all over the world.