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Mogul in the port of Świnoujście

In the coming days, the largest cargo vessel ever is going to call at the port of Świnoujście. The vessel has capacity of 114.248 DWT, 255 m in length, and  43 m in width.

M/v CHIARA, under the Liberian flag, is expected on Sunday, 25th August. The ship will come from the port of Norfolk, USA, with coal. The volume of coal is going to be yet another record for the Świnoujście Seaport. Holds of the vessel will include 95,000 tonnes of coal. Unloading at the Górników Quay will take 4 days.

The Port of Świnoujście, due to its location directly on the sea, may service ships of up to 270 m in length and maximum draught of 13.2 m, which translates into 100 thousand DWT. The terminal where m/v CHIARA is going to moor specialises in handling of coal and ore. The operator of the terminal is Port Handlowy Świnoujście Sp. z o.o.