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The Maritime Congress for the second time in Szczecin

On 12-14.06, the 2nd International Maritime Congress was held in Szczecin. It was the largest meeting of the sector in this part of Europe which attracted over 500 attendees and fifty speakers to Szczecin to discuss the status and development of the maritime sector. On those days, the city was converted into a discussion centre with the main themes focusing on the maritime economy.

The importance of the event was signified by the visit of Ms. Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure. Apart from Ms. Minister, an honorary patronage was assumed by Mr. Janusz Piechociński, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy. The conference also attracted practitioners and theoreticians, entrepreneurs, representatives of local governments and institutions, scientist and students.

The programme of the Congress was divided into four parallel theme blocks, which focused on: Polish maritime economy – challenges and opportunities for development, Maritime Economy – research and development, Use of marine resources, and Ecology and safety at sea. Simultaneously, the congress included discussion panels, interdisciplinary workshops, debates and plenary lectures.

The event was organized by the Northern Chamber of Commerce and Polsteam. One of co-organizers included the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority. The role played by ports was also recognized in the speech delivered by Ms. Minister, who highlighted the fact that Polish seaports had been modernized, both in terms of technologies used and management. Actually, a separate block focused on the topic. The block discussed place and role of seaports in transport corridors, challenges and development barriers for ports, as well as legislative initiatives of the European Parliament as regards easier access to port services and their consequences for Polish seaports.

On the last day of the Congress, moderators summarized proceedings and a press conference was held. The 2nd Congress was a tremendous success in terms of a large variety of topics and number of attendees. Conclusions drawn will certainly be discussed long after the Congress is finished.


Phot. K. Tychowski, www.morzaioceany.pl