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Unique silo EWA

A unique in Europe, or perhaps in the world, versatile purpose building now available for lease in the Szczecin Seaport.

The building is the Ewa Silo of a timeless engineering structure providing for horizontal (most frequently used nowadays) and vertical storage of grain. The silo consists of 170 chambers, including 158 of 50 to 550 t and 12 fumigation chambers of total 1.6 thousand tons. The volume of the building is 73 thousand cubic meters, comprising 10 floors of flat storage and 3 floors below the ground level. The total storage capacity of the silo is 50-55 thousand tons of grain. Additional advantage of the silo is the possibility of grain handling directly from and to ships, barges, railway cars and vehicles.

The building is situated at Hryniewieckiego Street in Szczecin and enjoys excellent accessibility to all major roads, inland waterways and railway lines. It is based on the Ewa peninsula with a grain quay (Nabrzeże Zbożowe) and another newly developed quay in its immediate vicinity (Nabrzeże Niemieckie). The quays are suitable for servicing large vessels that are expected in the port after dredging of its fairway to 12.5 m.

In the view of an unprecedented business opportunity related to the use of the Ewa Silo, the Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority announced a tender for 30-year lease of the property. The tender provides for using the property for handling and storage of grain, animal feed and other bulk organic products, including cargo in and out service in port trade. The annual cargo handling capacity is at least 350 thousand tons. In recent years, the silo handled annually 600 thousand tons of cargo.

The full use of its capacity requires investment to be made in the silo. For this reason, to meet expectations of future operators, the Seaports Authority intends to reduce the lease fee to 60% of its regular rate during the first three years of operation.

The lease opportunity attracted considerable interest in the past several months and it is expected to turn this showpiece facility into a booming location in the Szczecin seaport.
Prospective operators have four months to file their bids. The deadline has been established on 24 February 2015.

For more information, see: www.port.szczecin.pl→przetargi→nieruchomości (documents also in English).

The opening of bids will take place on 25 February 2015.